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From battlefields to memorials, there’s no shortage of things to see in Bastogne, a city that serves as a poignant reminder of World War II heroism. A stop at the 101st Airborne Museum is a must for those who aim to delve deep into the storied past of this resilient city. This location serves as a focal point for understanding the intensity and strategic significance of the war efforts that unfolded here.

A walk through the things to see in Bastogne

Among the essential things to see in Bastogne is the Mardasson Memorial, an architectural marvel that pays homage to the sacrifices made during the Ardennes Offensive. But Bastogne is not just about grand structures. Here, every cobblestone and vintage building echoes tales of resistance and courage, such as the one of the 101st Airborne Division. The McAuliffe Square, named after General McAuliffe, tells its own story with its iconic Sherman tank. It’s a walk through history that you simply can’t afford to miss. During our battle tour, you pass along many different monuments dedicated to the heroes of the Second World War and discover the story behind them.


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In Bastogne, history is not just in the books; it’s alive, waiting to be experienced. There’s a plethora of things to see in Bastogne, each spot a page in the living history book of World War II. By visiting the war memorial museum and these historical landmarks, you’re not just sightseeing; you’re partaking in a journey through time. Don’t wait for history to become a mere paragraph in a textbook; visit now to experience it yourself.