Welcome to the website of the brand-new 101st Airborne museum Le Mess in Bastogne - Belgium.
The museum and its fantastic historical building will give you a great impression of the Battle of the Bulge.
Window displays with amazing lifelike scenes and mannequins will take you back to the cold winter
1944-1945 when the battle took place.

First you walk around and see what soldiers and locals did during this terrible war.

Then as a final you visit the basement with more dioramas and little items, but also with a hospital.

You see the caretaking for several wounded soldiers, and a burned motorcyclist is accompanied inside.

Behind a door you will find a bombingsexperience in a hiding shelter, together with a family.

You will hear, see and feel the loud sound they heard during wartime.


The museum is lokated in the city center of Bastogne, nearby the tank on the main square (350 mtr)
and is definately worth a visit.

You can park your car for free in the street the museum is located.
Hope to see you at the museum!

News and events


On Sunday 07 september 2014 Helen Patton, the granddaughter of General Patton will be in the museum from 10.00 till 17.00.

She is the publisher of "Portraits of Service" and will sign books for visitors.

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Verswyvel Benny - 2014-09-22 13:41:22
Prachtig museum en kreeg een kippevel moment in de schuilkelder...!!

Peter Kessler - 2014-09-13 13:31:51
Sirs, My trip to Bastogne was highlighted by my visits to the 101st Airborne Museum. Nowhere have I found a more comprehensive display of wartime artifacts! They are beautifully and thoughtfully displayed. The Bomb Shelter is, simply, not to be missed. It faithfully recreates the terror felt by the citizens of Bastogne (and every city, town, and village) during a bombing attack. It was a particular privilege to meet Ms. Helen Patton. I enjoyed our discussion very much. I know I will enjoy reading the book she autographed, and look forward to reading "Portraits of Service." Thank you, one and all, for your diligence and hard work in keeping alive the memories of our Grandfathers when they were so young. They saved the world for their children and grandchildren, and countless millions of children and grandchildren all over the world. God Bless Them