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About the museum

The 101st Airborne museum in Bastogne is housed in the former Officers Mess building of the Belgian Army and was built in 1936. This prestigious building was used by the Germans during the siege of Bastogne as a


After the siege it was used as a hospital by the Red Cross. This unique building with its rich history is the perfect place to display the history of the 101st Airborne Division and other units involved in the battle of Bastogne in December 1944 – January 1945.

The building has been renovated and restored to its former glory, retaining all its characteristic features. An exclusive collection of items from the Battle of the Bulge and showcases with lifelike scenes and puppets take you back to the dramatic period of that battle. The museum is worth a visit!

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Projects 2014

In the basement of the museum, all display cases are now ready. A large number of people were already able to experience a bombing in an air-raid shelter. A very impressive experience, with many favourable reactions.

What you are experiencing also feels true to life, and triggers emotions in many people. A number of showcases and dioramas have been added, including a hospital room with the care of several wounded soldiers and a motorcyclist with burns is brought in.

The last display case is also ready: 1 with a man-to-man fight and some very badly wounded. We ask parents to make their own assessment of your child when visiting the cellar. On the ground floor, a temporary exhibition of personal items of General Patton, collected and made available by his granddaughter, Helen Patton, is located next to the Class A uniforms. Do you want to visit the Battlefields of Bastogne? Yes, that is possible!

The museum gives you the opportunity to take part in a tour that shows you the memorable places and the grounds where the battles took place. Choose “Battlefield Tour” from the menu for more information.