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When considering places to visit in the Ardennes, the options are not just abundant but historically enriching. The region is a treasure trove of World War II history, natural beauty, and local culture. For those particularly interested in wartime history, the 101st Airborne Museum offers a profound look into the lives, battles, and heroics of the 101st Airborne Division.

A must-see shortlist of places to visit in the Ardennes

While the Ardennes boasts an array of places to visit, some stand out for their historical significance and emotional impact. Visit Bastogne, where the Battle of Bastogne was a turning point in the Battle of the Bulge. Walk through the preserved trenches and foxholes that serve as open-air museums. The Mardasson Memorial is another must-visit spot in Bastogne, commemorating the 76,890 American soldiers wounded or killed during the Ardennes Offensive. Each place encapsulates a unique aspect of the region’s rich history and offers a deeply moving experience.


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Why wait? A visit to the Ardennes isn’t just a vacation; it’s an education and a tribute. Among the myriad places to visit in the Ardennes, the historical sites of the museum stand as enduring lessons of courage and sacrifice. Whether you’re a history buff or a casual traveller, your journey would be incomplete without a deep dive into our interactive World War II experience about the wartime heroics that shaped this region. Don’t miss the chance to be enveloped in the stories and artefacts that bring the past back to life. Book your visit today and enrich your understanding of one of the most pivotal periods in world history.