Come and visit us: Avenue de la Gare 13 - 6600 Bastogne - Belgium

A visit to a World War II museum that not only exhibits material things, but also provides a realistic experience? Plan your visit to our prestigious museum in Bastogne, near Arlon. The building, which was used by the Germans during the siege of Bastogne, offers itself perfectly as an educational location. An exclusive collection of items, lifelike scenes and real-life dolls take you back to the time of the Second World War in Belgium.

So much more than a World War II museum

It is the mission of our team to preserve the memories of the Second World War in Belgium. Everyone knows the iconic images of poppies, heavy tanks and trenches… But what actually happened in Belgium during the Second World War? Day after day, we ensure the preservation of a historic event, namely the Battle of Bastogne with the help of the American 101st Airborne Division. Correct and chronological dates, material and personal belongings straight from the battlefield and a life-like experience of a bombing in a bomb shelter make our World War II museum really worth a visit.

✓ Real-life experience of a bombing
✓ Combat equipment and personal effects
✓ American troops in the spotlight

Learn about the Second World War in Belgium

Our museum, entirely in the theme of the Second World War in Belgium, immerses you in the historical Battle of the Bulge. Want to know more about this tragic period? Or curious about the incredible influence of this period on our freedom today? Visit the 101st Airborne Museum, contact us by mail or call us at +32(0)61 50 12 00. Whether you come alone or with your family, you can count on going home with more knowledge about the Second World War in Belgium!